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Wellingborough, Raunds and Thrapston Service

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Share the convenience of a taxi for close to the price of a bus

Our service operates daily connecting residential areas of Wellingborough to businesses located in Raunds and Thrapston industrial estates.

Whatever your shifts, we can get you there and back.

Our Route

Our on-demand service will pick you up from central Wellingborough, drop you at your place of work in Raunds or Thrapston and take you back when your shift ends. Our stop locations are: Wellingbourough - Tithe Barn Road (near the post office), Raunds - Warth Park, Thrapston - Haiden’s Parkway.

Getting started

  1. Register for an account
  2. Book the night before to be picked up at one of the three locations
  3. Share your ride with others heading in the same direction
  4. Pay securely through once your ride is complete - no cash needed

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